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Backend Income Secrets Review

"The back-end Income Secrets", by Theo Handen, at first impression looks the business. Nice video intro on the homepage and lovely music, you can tell the quality is high on the face of it but hat is the actual product content like? This article is going to review the content.   In the back-end income secrets, it has 6 modules which are:
What is a backend
Planning your sales strategy
Building vale and a customer relationship x2
Frontend selling
Designing your backend
Well it's a good start so many courses and products  jump straight into heavy content and you don't quite get what they are talking about,  assumptions always cause more harm than good.  Here Theo has carefully outlined what he means by a back-end and I guess how that ties into his product.  He also takes the time to introduce some key concepts and phrases where I learned something straight away.

The course really focuses on 2 particular modules on building value and a relationship and the content I think is very apt as without having that grounding you obviously will be coming short as a business when you do not offer your customers value to come back,  that's the whole essence of his back-end income secrets formula.  I have to agree, It is very well articulated on what qualities you should be working on to set your business to grow exponentially as he says.

To my surprise this course is content and tool rich! It has so many process charts on how not to do things and how then to maximize your profits and revenue systems this stuff is excellent he has spent a lot of time with top internet marketers as you can see in his blog people like Mike Filsaime, Mark Ling, Simon Leung amongst the top names.

You get to learn some great marketing strategies particularly about how to use offers during the point of sale and more importantly after the point of sale, how to integrate your sales flow to pick an additional 50% of sales that would have otherwise been lost, and the beauty of it all is that he uses some case studies form big companies so you really understand how to do it

He has a really cool tool called his sales proposition tool, this a neat matrix where you can use it to create  value proposition for almost any product you can think of, very ingenious! Not only that but you automatically create your sales copy and it works on all the right trigger points. This is often the hardest part in trying to get people to buy your products and he says it right that 'you have to show your customer the value during the buying process'. If you have a website or even if you are a sales rep selling products this tool will give you everything you need to help close sales, it's very clever and he shows you how to use 3 key words, FREE, ROI and VALUE into your proposition and why they work so well, all with guided examples. You can use this system for physical product and digital ones.

I have to say I'm very impressed with the content firstly it's all in video with excellent explanations and charts not just text which I can't stand in typical internet marketing products. h has gone also made an effort to create a pdf with all the charts and graphs on there for reference - a nice touch.

The final two modules are excellent he really does expose some out of the box thinking with the limitations of frontend selling, something that I really wouldn't have thought of in terms of how you can actually lose money up front and make much more on the back-end which he fully explains how to create and design your own with detailed graphs and how to price your products etc. There's again plenty of content and explanations on the concepts and how they work.

All in all I have to say the content is top quality you will definitely gain a lot from watching the videos and reading the manual . I learned several things myself and I have bought many internet marketing courses which have all been good.  He also has system for you to create a complete back-end sales system with multiple products there and then so you really can start applying the system straight away.   Who would benefit from this product?

If you are brand new to internet marketing you will have a super advantage and cut your learning curve down by months by applying the strategies in this course.  If you are an eCommerce site that has been focusing too strongly on just front end sales and spending a lot of money on leads maybe through PPC, you will gain a lot from changing your sales flow process as described in this product.  Even if you are offline you can get some valuable insight on how to position your products with higher value to get more sales.  Incidentally the second module- planning your sales strategy really is the key to making your business ready for not just limited sales on a one product method, but to set it up to leverage of every product you have.

All in all a high quality product that I would recommend without any hesitation- I would get it whilst he's giving it away for free, the regular price is $197 which again would be good value, but when it's free that makes it the best deal out!

Four Ways to Use the AdSense Secret For Improved Income

The AdSense secret is really not much of a secret at all. It is the placement of words that link to a business web site online in order to direct additional traffic to the products or services of the target web site. Because the concept of paying to view ads is a proven method of gaining revenue from a web site, it makes good sense to take advantage of the possibilities. Keep the program rules in mind so that your business stays within the guidelines to avoid possible shutdown due to nonconformance. Use the common sense approach and you will be guaranteed to end up with more income with minimal work.

Common Sense

When you are applying the AdSense secret as a way to increase revenue to your web site or as a separate business to boost your part time or full time income, the primary factor to remember is to use common sense in setting up your campaigns and designing the applicable web sites to display the AdWords. Never set up a web site with the idea of just filling the space with advertisements. The administrators of AdSense will quickly eliminate the use of the website for their program.

Passive Income

The AdSense secret allows you to add substantial passive income to an already existing web site. When you place AdWords on your web site, the revenue from these words can be a nice addition to the product or service sales that you earn from the site. It's important to stay on subject with your AdWords campaigns because it is expected that you will select AdWords that are related to a subject in which you are knowledgeable. The information that you use to display the AdWords is data that would be a part of your web site anyway. The more interesting your web site is, the more opportunities you have to increase passive income.


One of the benefits of using the AdSense secret is that you can market your services as a marketing consultant. This may be a matter of semantics, but by doing the needed research in how to find the right keywords for your clients and developing web sites that showcase the keywords appropriately, you can honestly present yourself as a professional consultant in the field of marketing. This can be a profitable addition to your regular product income and one which requires very little additional effort on your part.

Traffic Flow

Use the AdSense secret to improve the traffic flow to your web site. Using AdWords in their proper context will improve your page ranking because you are providing the type of information desired by searchers on the internet. Furthermore, the information is presented as a completely natural extension of the information you would place on the web site anyway. The use of appropriate search engine optimization techniques will improve your page ranking and so will draw in even higher traffic counts to your web site. This secret is just a matter of using the AdSense techniques effectively on your own web site.

Affiliate Income Marketing - Residual Secret Methods

Many people online feel that the easiest way to make money is to be part of affiliate programs. Although this may be true most of those people don't know about the affiliate income marketing residual secret methods that are used by only the few that know about it. These methods consists of affiliate marketing combining with having a consistent residual income every month coming to you. This may seem new to you but the funny thing about it is that so many people utilize this on a daily basis.

I can tell you from experience that those who use the affiliate income marketing residual secret are the ones that have the most success online because they are able to do something once and get paid for over and over every single month.

The concept of the affiliate income marketing residual secret is very simple. Of course you're promoting someone else's product for example a company in this case and by having people join that company or utilizing the company's service you will be rewarded not only once but every single month as part of your residual income benefits.

Of course this may be shocking to you just like it was to me but I assure you that is very real because I use the affiliate income marketing residual secret on a daily basis. This is part of the concept of building a long-term business and have it be a consistent way of achieving income for yourself. Just like I always like to say the first thing you must do is your own research because only your due diligence will always make the difference when joining something you don't know about. So don't take my word for it and check it out for yourself.

Top 3 Secrets to Generate Massive Affiliate Income

Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to make extra income from the comfort of your home. In fact, affiliate marketing has created the most internet millionaires compare with other money making opportunities available in the internet. Unfortunately, there are still many people struggling to generate massive affiliate income from their internet business.

One of the common reasons most people fail in affiliate marketing is that they are not putting 100% commitment into it. They treat their affiliate business like a hobby and that is why they are making only hobby kind of income from it. If you want to make massive affiliate income, you must follow through these 3 secrets...

1. The real secret to make real money in affiliate marketing is to pre-sell your visitors. You have to put your visitors into a buying mindset before you lead them to your affiliate merchant. Most people are skeptical and are not ready to buy. Therefore, you have to be the one who opens their mind and let them make the purchase.

2. In order to generate massive affiliate income, you have to follow up with your leads. People usually will not buy from you the first time they heard from you. And if they leave, they will never come back again. Experts say that most of the sales are made from the seventh contact and above. Thus, you need to capture the contact information of your visitors so that you can follow up them again.

3. The final piece of secret that I am going to share with you is a very simple idea. However, if you do it, you can definitely generate massive affiliate income from it. This secret is to stay focused in your affiliate business. Promote only one affiliate product with one website at one time. Many people diversify their effort and that is why they find it hard to make sales. Concentrate your energy like a laser beam that cuts through anything lie in front and you will see the amazing results from it.

These are the top 3 secrets to generate massive affiliate income. Remember, your job as an affiliate is to soft-sell and you have to stay focused in promoting only one affiliate product until you make your first $1,000.

Secret Forex Income Review - Forex Breakout Trading System

Does the Secret Forex Income system really work, or is it just another useless trading system? You might have seen the claims made the owners of this system who say that they can make up to $1,800 per trade. But are these claims really true? I decided to purchase this system for testing and find out how it really works.

1. What Kinds of Trades Will You Learn to Make Using the Secret Forex Income System?

There are 2 breakout trading methods inside this system which I have found to be really effective. Users of this system will know exactly how to evaluate the market for these breakouts to know the strength of the trend and probabilities of success.

2. Is The Secret Forex Income System Really Profitable?

Upon using this Forex trading system, I have discovered that it is actually quite simple as its techniques are very easy to understand and use. In fact, the most profitable Forex systems tend to be the simplest ones since they allow the trader to use them confidently and with discipline. Even though this system does make some losing trades at times, it has always been producing a profit week after week for me.

3. How Does The Secret Forex Income System Work?

Users will learn how to evaluate the feasibility of trading breakouts based on the number times the support or resistance levels have been tested, the way they have been tested and also the time frames in which they have been tested. Only after the base has been confirmed to be a true consolidation base can a breakout trade be placed.

4. Should You Use The Secret Forex Income System?

This system utilizes breakout trading and I have found that it is a really reliable and consistent way to make money on Forex. All the efforts and time necessary to find these trades are very well worth it, and I highly recommend this system to all currency traders.

Work From Home Income - The Secrets You Want To Know

Now, there are so many work from home programs available on the net, so many that many people end up really confused on which one to follow, where exactly to start, what pin-point advice can one follow to start an instant internet income system. Probably you haven't started your internet business yet or you have started but its not working yet, then what you really need is, first and foremost, ONE word of advice that will change your life. If this is what you need, there are a couple of things you need to hear, understand and consider before you endeavor on building a work from home instant income system.

All work from home income systems on offer on the internet will obviously promise different benefits/outcomes. But is it really so? Am going to share with you the things you need to consider when you really need to progress in a work from home program. Let's consider those things:

1. Internet business is for people who want to build/create wealth slowly AND consistently. But "slow" in the Internet business is really fast - get that immediately. So, you need to consult your inner self first, to find out if you are only after 'get rich schemes' or you are truly after generating income according to the correct approach and principles. Your answer to this is your foundation to success or another frustration on a work from home program you just find on the net.

2. Get started! Starting is the biggest step in any business idea, over half the work is done by just starting. Decide you are going to be in this business to generate income. You must believe!

3. Plan on ways to get regular, consistent cash. Again consult true self: how much money do you have for now? What kind of internet income programs can I start with? Who can be your mentor to take you by the hand when things get tough? Such questions are really critical if you are to embark on a work from home income system because:

a. You won't start with a system that throws you deep into cash problems when you actually want to make money online. There are many types of internet marketing: from zero-investment ways to minimum investment and considerable investment ways.

b.You need a mentor - someone you can drop a line to show you the way. Remember you are building income and these mentors have been where you are, they have refined their ways of getting income over the years and it is to your great benefit to get hooked up with such. Going alone can be disastrous sooner or later.

4. Pick up a work from home income system that suits your gifts, talents, what you are good at, what you are passionate about, what you love doing. Not every making money online program is best-suited for you - you must focus on a way that best fits YOU - get this!

a. Is it selling other people's products? Just selling?

b. Do you love writing?

c. Do you love research?

d. Do you get excited when you are developing things, fresh ideas?

e. Do you love web design or anything associated with this?

All such questions will help to know the best way to make money for YOU online.

Now, if you truly want to start making money online or your road has been rougher ever since, remember what you really need is one word that can change your life. I am going to present to you a report on one instant income system that will certainly change your life. What I like about this report and the work from home system offered is:

1. As you go through the report, you will find your style of doing business, and you can start immediately.

2. If you listen and read between the lines, you will find secrets (a word) which you were missing all along - the missing key in your work from home income plans.

3. Practical videos and audios are there, to take you by the hand and walk you through the right approaches and set-ups, step-by-step. 'Get rich quick' schemes won't give you this.

4. All the work from home secrets you were looking for are detailed. Certainly, you will find a word you were missing all this time.

This could be all you needed to set that work from home business on the right path. Once you have registered (for free) you will receive a Fast Track Guide / Report and it will definitely carry you through - the secrets you have been looking for.

Creating A Passive Income Online - 2 Secrets You Must Know

The Internet Is Filled With Tons Of Fluff</blockquote>

Whether you like it or not the statement above is not a question. It is a fact. Everywhere you go online loads of articles and blog posts have been raised to educate you on the topic of creating a passive income online.

I was just like you sitting there staring at my screen last time. The way I see it, you could say that it is your good fortune to have found this because there are enough of hype and fluff about this topic. So, I'm out to reveal to you the 2 secrets that people had probably never told you before.

Secret 1: It Takes Hard Work And A Little Dedication

You see, its really no secret at all. However, just some background to this statement here. You see all those guys posting websites after websites of how they made their money and nice cars and houses online.

Let me ask you. Do you think they paid about $97 for a product that teaches them about creating passive income online and then made the bazillion dollars next Tuesday? The answer is no.

Of course,
here is what I want you to smile about. It only takes an initial effort or investment for a period of time before you start to see your income snowball in. Prepare for a change in your life.

Secret 2: Believe In Yourself Not The "Heavy Hitters"

I think its worth mentioning here because there what we call the heavy hitters club. People who sell opportunities such as network marketing membership programs like hotcakes and hot dogs at an NFL live match.

Sure, you can certainly learn from them but most of the time, you can't always depend on their promises to bring you a money genie from a lamp. The real secret to success is the unwavering belief in yourself and in what you are doing.

There is more to creating a passive income online than just buying the next exciting business opportunity that comes your way. You have to realize that passive income is a process of learning and having fun while you generate automated profits. Learn from real people who are honest and willing to teach you.